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The warning signs of a cashflow crisis!

Cashflow is the lifeblood of any business and is often the difference between success and failure for small business owners. It can be challenging keeping on top of wages, creditors, and the tax office when your business is growing.

Is your business keeping you awake at night? Are you unsure how you will pay next week’s wages?

If your business is showing..

One of the following warning signs of a cashflow crisis, you may need external advice:

  1. Poor paying debtors, insufficient funds.
  2. Creditors on stop supply, not being paid.
  3. ATO debts mounting or out of control.
  4. Insufficient sales growth to cover costs.
  5. Wrong pricing or discounts not working.
  6. Paying too much interest on debt.

When a cashflow crisis hits your business..

The first step is to develop a plan on how you will get out of the financial hole you’re in. A critical review of income, expenses, creditors, and debtors is essential to put a cashflow forecast in place.

When you know where you stand now financially, you can start to take control of your financial future by developing and implementing a practical plan to achieve your goals. Our Cashflow Consultants will give you the tools and advice to take control of cashflow.

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